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Re: Päivän runo

Viesti Kirjoittaja Santeri » 14 Loka 2013 12:28

Heräsin äsken

Pallo on heitetty
noppa on syöty
fianchetto your rook

Re: Päivän runo

Viesti Kirjoittaja Santeri » 14 Syys 2013 09:32

Mystical Poems of Rumi

I beheld the lovely rosebower face,
that eye and lamp of all brightness,
That altar before which the soul prostrates,
that gladness and place of security.
The heart said,
“I will yield up my soul there, I will let go of being and selfhood.”
The soul also joined in the concert and began to clap hands.

Reason came and said,
“What shall I say regarding this good fortune
and sublime felicity,
This scent of a rose that made upright
as a cypress every back that was curved and bent double?”
In love all things are transformed;
Armenian is changed to Turk.

Soul, you have attained to the Soul of the soul;
body, you have abandoned bodihood.
The ruby is the alms of our Beloved;
the dervish eats the gold of the Rich;
That Mary in anguish discovers anew dates fresh and ripe.

Lest the eye of a stranger should fall upon it,
do not show off your good deed to men;
If your desire from faith is security,
seek your security in seclusion.
What is the place of seclusion?
The house of the heart;
become habituated to dwell in the heart;
In the heart’s house is delivered
that bowl of wholesome and everlasting wine.

Be silent, and practise the art of silence;
let go all artful bragging;
For the heart is the place of faith,
there in the heart hold fast to faithfulness.

Re: Päivän runo

Viesti Kirjoittaja Santeri » 12 Syys 2013 16:09

Even if your reign on the imperial throne seems everlasting, don't be taken in. One day, a hostile wind will blow and bring to your land of beauty heaven's misfortune and deepest suffering.

– Suleiman the Magnificent (1494 – 1566)

Re: Päivän runo

Viesti Kirjoittaja ... » 11 Syys 2013 22:33

However industrious you may be,
There is no end to worldly activities;
But if you practice the Dharma
You will swiftly conclude everything.

However nice they may seem,
Samsaric affairs always end in disaster;
But the fruits of practicing the Dharma
Will never deteriorate.

Since beginningless time you have collected and encouraged
Karma, negative emotions, and habitual tendencies,
Which force you to wander in samsara.
If you continue like that, when will liberation arrive?

If you only see all this at the moment of death,
It's rather too late-
When the head's already been severed,
What use is any medicine?

Recognizing the suffering of samsara,
Turn toward the peace of nirvana.

- Guru Rinpoche

Re: Päivän runo

Viesti Kirjoittaja Santeri » 03 Elo 2013 06:50


Re: Päivän runo

Viesti Kirjoittaja Santeri » 29 Kesä 2013 13:49


Cold Mountain runot on kirjoittanut tuntematon henkilö kiinan kielellä joskus 1200 vuotta sitten.


Looking for a refuge
Cold Mountain will keep you safe
a faint wind stirs dark pines
come closer the sound gets better
below them sits a gray-haired man
chanting Taoist texts
ten years unable to return
he forgot the way he came

My mind is like the autumn moon
clear and bright in a pool of jade
nothing can compare
what more can I say

The mountains are so cold
not just now but every year
crowded ridges breathe in snow
sunless forests breathe out mist
nothing grows until Grain Ears
leaves fall before Autumn Begins
a lost traveler here
looks in vain for the sky



Re: Päivän runo

Viesti Kirjoittaja Santeri » 04 Kesä 2013 15:51


Deep prevailing smell of mold
so much so that it is part
of the building.

Small streets
like in Theravadin monasteries
thousand years ago.

Monkeys in a bodhi tree.

Re: Päivän runo

Viesti Kirjoittaja Santeri » 31 Touko 2013 19:22

Kilahtaneita buddhalaisia pelastetaan
psykoterapian avulla.
Valaistuneet buddhalaiset kehittävät
psykoterapiaa eteenpäin....

Re: Päivän runo

Viesti Kirjoittaja ... » 20 Touko 2013 18:47

Jos vaatteet tekevät valaistuneeksi, silloin malli ja riikinkukko
ovat ensiluokkaisia heränneiksi ja totuus on Gucci...

http://fundamentalisattva.blogspot.fi/2 ... telet.html

Re: Päivän runo

Viesti Kirjoittaja Mohax » 17 Touko 2013 18:07

Mara kirjoitti:Human life is long
without any cares or worries.
For those always at ease
there is no path for death.

Buddha kirjoitti:Human life hurries quickly away
filled with confusion and trouble;
make haste to practice the good
as if your head were on fire,
and know the Bad One
has come to disturb.

Saṃyuktāgama BZA 33