Greetings from Cambodia

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Tämän kysymyksen tarkoitus on estää roskapostitusta foorumille.

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Re: Greetings from Cambodia

Viesti Kirjoittaja ... » 15 Helmi 2013 00:52

Hi Johann,

here you go. I'm glad to see you here! Not many foreingers dwell into finnish datadhatu!


Re: Greetings from Cambodia

Viesti Kirjoittaja Johann » 13 Helmi 2013 14:26


Ven. Thanavuddho,

I am currently engaged in developing such as a "Virtual Vihara", where we try to produce a enviroment where Monks and Nons but also Laypeople who are very devoted to conducts find a possibility to join and even teach. As there are many many issues to keep them form stressing the conscience - usuals do not really take care on such - these are some "side-effects" but very joyful side effect. I hope also useful. Yes they are selfmade, but even so with lot of support (software, energy...)

Actually I am not here to make such as advitising, but I would like to invite you to visit the buildingside. I could not find any message possibility yet.
I guess it would be maybe give the team of your forum maybe some ideas. Not to speak that we are very happy about every ideas, critics and addvises.
If you could send me a contact possibility, I would like to send you all nessesarities to make this invitation complete.

My contact should be avaliable in the proilfe (if it is not visible, your could ask the admin)

Would be a honor and a joy.


Re: Greetings from Cambodia

Viesti Kirjoittaja Santeri » 13 Helmi 2013 06:43

Greetings Johann,

Yes, this site seems to have been developing into a more Finnish speaking direction. Maybe we can set up a separate section for English speakers? And we should install the additional languages.

We appreciate the smiles! Did you make them yourself?


Re: Greetings from Cambodia

Viesti Kirjoittaja Johann » 13 Helmi 2013 02:48

ohh... once again. I could not find any messaging possibility and it seems that additional languages are not installed yet. Ohh I know the stress with might accour now but also the benefits of hints. If you need some support, I just wear working clothes. Kuva

How ever, the reason why I returned once more is that I would like to offer some sangha-dana

Attached you will find some handmade smilies which are free to use, to install for your forum, to share with the visitors, to copie, to rename, what ever and they are free of any licences of reserved right.

Kuva "Dear carier of Avoinsangha, it would be good, if you accept this gift"

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Greetings from Cambodia

Viesti Kirjoittaja Johann » 13 Helmi 2013 02:25

KuvaDear Dhammafriends, dear Venerable,

really great to see this new forum, I saw the "Anumadana!" on DW today. It was a little difficult to enter as I really do not know a single finnish word and the google translation somehow does not work well. How ever, where a will there a way.

Actually I don't think that I will spend much time here for now but I did not like to miss the change to give join this meritiouse work in it's opening time. May it grow to a place of Dhamma and Vinaya, to a place of teaching and good conducts and my all involved here always have the possibility to enjoy the fruits of their good deeds here in connection of it's cause.


Lähetä! now I know one word, let look if it was the right bottom Kuva