Buddhadasa Bhikkhu: Prison of Life

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Buddhadasa Bhikkhu: Prison of Life

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A part of the lecture given by Ajahn Buddhadasa to a group of meditatiors attending one of the monthly retreats at Suan Mokkh. His original lecture was conducted in Thai Language and translated and interpreted into English Language by Santikaro Bhikkhu.
(55 minutes)

Prison of Life

Sama tekstinä:

Wherever the conditions and signs of prison exist, right there is dukkha. You should observe that all the forms and types of dukkha have a quality of prison about them. Being captured, incarcerated, enchained, and put through difficulties and hassles, are characteristics of dukkha. If you understand this, then you will understand more clearly the meaning of what we call "upadana" (clinging, attachment). Wherever there is upadana, right there is a prison. This thing "upadana" itself brings about the conditions of imprisonment.

Prison of Life


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