Chöje Lama Namse Rinpochen opetus Dharmapaloista ja hengistä

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Chöje Lama Namse Rinpochen opetus Dharmapaloista ja hengistä

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There are more worldly protectors than wisdom Dharmapalas. Worldly protectors still have subtle veils. They can be compared with human beings like us, who are apt to do good but do bad things too, and they do cause problems. We can compare worldly protectors with someone who blackmails us or expects a lot in return for any help they may give. We are bound once we have such an unfortunate relationship, because they demand regular offerings from us - if we fail, we’re in for a surprise. There are protectors even more mundane than the worldly protectors; they control the worldly protectors. If these mundane beings become upset because we didn’t satisfy them in one way or another, then trouble is in store, for example, mental and physical illnesses. It is extremely hard to please such beings; they become very nasty if they don’t like something we did or failed to do for them.

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