SuttaCentral - Translations of early Buddhist texts

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SuttaCentral - Translations of early Buddhist texts

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Bhante Sujato kertoi uudesta projektista nimeltää SuttaCentral:

SuttaCentral aims to gather the best translations for early Buddhist texts in various world languages. The Buddha told his followers to learn the Dhamma in their own language, so students should not have to undergo a lengthy course in arcane languages before studying the Dhamma. We are, however, limted by the availability of translations, so this is a work in progress.

En ole ehtinyt tutustumaan näihin sivuihin vielä tarkemmin, mutta vaikuttaa siltä että kyseessä on hiukan -tyyppinen sivusto.

    • A complete new design from top to bottom. The whole site, in fact has been rewritten from the ground up.
    • Much faster more powerful navigation.
    • Instant search!
    • Many added new references and improved structure
    • Many texts are now hosted on site, including the main Suttas of the Pali, the Vietnamese translations, and some English and Korean translations.
    • Brand new translations from the Saṁykuta Āgama (both the main and shorter version), and the Upāyika. Together with the older translations of the Ekottara and Dīrgha Āgamas, SuttaCentral now has the most comprehensive collection of Āgama translations available anywhere.
    • We also have newly available online versions of Bhikkhu Bodhi’s classic translations from the Dīgha Nikāya
    • The Pali and Chinese texts have a very cool instant word lookup function. (We only have one Chinese text online for now, more coming soon.)
    • A very powerful, intuitive pretty URL structure: you can go anywhere on the site directly from the address bar if you know the abbreviated uid for the text.
    • A Feedback forum: tell us what we can do to make it better!

Tästä voi ehkä kehkeytyä keskeinen paikka, jota käytän lainatessani tietoa pali kaanonista.


Palaa sivulle “Dharma-arkisto”


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