Buddhist Thought and Western Philosophy

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Buddhist Thought and Western Philosophy

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Buddhist Thought and Western Philosophy

Buddhist-Western comparative philosophy is a relatively new field. Most work in this area has been done since the 1980s, even though initial efforts began during the 1940s. Among the diverse Buddhist schools, Mādhyamika Buddhism (especially Nāgārjuna) and Zen Buddhism are those most studied in comparison with Western philosophies. There is no one way to create a general theme for the field, but different time periods tend to focus on specific Western philosophers or a philosophical school in comparison with Buddhism. During the 1970s, process philosophy dominated the field, whereas in the 1990s Buddhist-postmodern comparative philosophy attracted comparative philosophers. During the first decade of the 21st century, a comparison of Buddhism and Derridean deconstruction generated a sizable number of publications. This bibliography is categorized by Western philosophical schools or thinkers instead of Buddhist thinkers, schools, or specific themes. The total number of publications in this field is steadily growing, and the sparsely touched areas, such as analytic philosophy and Tibetan Buddhism, are on the way to joining this group of publications.

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