Introduction to zen in English 27.9.2015

Ryhmät, yhteisöt ja yksityishenkilöt voivat ilmaiseksi ilmoittaa tulevista tapahtumista.
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Introduction to zen in English 27.9.2015

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Helsinki Zen Center will be giving an introductory workshop on traditional Zen Buddhist meditation, or zazen, on Sunday, September 27th 2015, 12:00 - 16:00.

The workshop is ideal for people who have never practiced in the Zen tradition before. Prior experience to meditation is not required. The four-hour workshop consists of alternating periods of instruction, practice, and discussion. In addition to learning how to do zazen independently, you will also learn the practicalities involved in sitting with our group in a formal setting.

Due to the practical nature of the workshop, please bring relaxed clothing suitable for cross-legged sitting, preferably in neutral or muted colours. Changing rooms can be found at the Zen Center. The course fee is 45 euros.

Payment can be made by bank transfer in advance ( Helsinki Zen Center ry ; IBAN: FI6266010001141407 ; BIC/SWIFT: AABAFI22 ) or with cash at the end of the course.

After the introduction you can start your own daily meditation practice and participate in the formal zazen at Helsinki Zen Center.

For registrations and more information please send email to:

Palaa sivulle “Ilmoitustaulu”


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